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'The Act Of Letting Go' Album Trailer Released & Pre-order doors OPEN! - March 19, 2014

Here's the official trailer for the brand new Cellarscape album 'The Act Of Letting Go', featuring teasers of every single song from the new record. It also includes full pre-order details:

Cellarscape's 'Epinephrine' OUT NOW - February 11, 2014

It's finally here... Check out the first music video/single 'Epinephrine', taken from the forthcoming new Cellarscape album, 'The Act Of Letting Go':

Feb 10: Brand new Cellarscape single 'Epinephrine' - February 3, 2014

One for your diaries... Feb 10 sees the music video/single release of 'Epinephrine', the first example of Cellarscape's forthcoming fifth record 'The Act Of Letting Go'. Here's some promo art for you by artist Paul Shubrook:


New Cellarscape album art unveiled - January 31, 2014

Here it is... The stunning cover art for Cellarscape's brand new album 'The Act Of Letting Go', created by Paul Shubrook (who also crafted all of the art for the 2011 Cellarscape record 'A Theta/Delta Union').


Anneke van Giersbergen guests on new Cellarscape album - October 10, 2013

We are thrilled to announce that the acclaimed dutch singer-songwriter Anneke van Giersbergen features as a guest vocalist on the forthcoming new Cellarscape album 'The Act Of Letting Go' (pictured below tracking her vocals).
about the very creative summer that Paul Terry (aka Cellarscape) and Anneke had, which also saw the two collaborate on Anneke's debut book, 'The Road To Drive', a companion piece to her new album 'Drive'.



August's Newsletter is here - August 15, 2013

Lots of news updates, plus, a feature on a crucial member of the Cellarscape production team, Dave Draper, all over HERE.

Bass lines for new Cellarscape album recorded - August 12, 2013

The weekend of August 10-11 was all about Niki Jones tracking his bass guitar parts for the new album, 'The Act Of Letting Go'. Niki laid down some of the coolest and most varied bass lines he's ever come up with, so we're even more excited to get these new songs out there. Here's a pic of Niki in action, and a celebratory shot of Niki with Mr. 'scape, Paul Terry, outside the home of The Safehouse studios: (plus, there are more photos from the session HERE)



String Quartet Session #2 - July 15, 2013

Quartet 2: Return Of The Strings! Yesterday, Nuno Carapina (1st Violin), Fra Rustumji (2nd Violin), Joe Fisher (Viola), and Tom Wraith (Cello) spent the day at Cellarscape HQ, The Safehouse studios, tracking 8 more songs for the new album 'The Act Of Letting Go'. Here's a shot from the day below, but check out the full photos from the session.


String Quartet Session #1 for the new Cellarscape album - May 21, 2013

The amazing talents of Fra Rustumji (1st Violin), Theodor Küng (2nd Violin), Joe Fisher (Viola), and Tom Wraith (Cello were in The Safehouse studios yesterday. After this string quartet had recorded composer Josephine Stephenson's superb score to short film 'The Dark Road', they recorded the string sections for the one of the songs on the new Cellarscape album. Here's the fantastic four in action. They will be returning for more sessions soon to lay down the other string sections for the forthcoming new album 'The Act Of Letting Go'.

'Snowglobe' video creator interview - May 16, 2013

Mike Ciccotello, the artist and animator behind Cellarscape's 'Snowglobe' music video has been interviewed by digital magazine Wonderlance. Check out the fantastic feature and learn all about Mike's artistic process:

Cellarscape's new-look MTV page - May 14, 2013

The MTV Artist's Page for Cellarscape has been given a makeover. Check out the new stylings over here at:

Denmark's Airplay Music features Cellarscape - May 8, 2013

Denmark's Airplay Music now features Cellarscape songs and releases. Huge thanks to our Danish supporters.

Germany's Ottic FM champions 'Snowglobe' - May 6, 2013

The 'Snowglobe' music video goes global again: now Germany's otticFM have featured the video on their radio's website! Huge thanks to Gerd Hoeschen and the team there. feature 'Snowglobe' - May 4, 2013

Frequency have featured Cellarscape's new music video on their website. Not seen the 'Snowglobe' animation yet? Enjoy it here:

Amazing Radio now includes Cellarscape - April 30, 2013

Amazing Radio and amazingtunes now includes Cellarscape's entire back catalogue. Tune in over here:

Own the 'Snowglobe' video painting - April 26, 2013

The 'Snowglobe' painting from the animated music video is available to own on canvas, acrylic, metal, and card. Check out The Art of Mike Ciccotello's store here for this exclusive merch:

Happy Record Store Day 2013! - April 20, 2013

Happy Record Store Day! Cellarscape are super-busy crafting the new album, so can't participate this year, but here's them performing 'Kerosene' live for Record Store Day last year inside Head Music at Bromley:

MTV welcomes Cellarscape - April 15, 2013

Ace news for a Monday: MTV welcomes the 'Snowglobe' music video & Cellarscape:

'Snowglobe' Music Video Launched Today - April 2, 2013

We are thrilled to announce the release of 'Snowglobe's brand new music video, an animated epic courtesy of the extraordinary skills of US artist Mike Ciccotello:

You can also buy exclusive prints of the video's art in a range of mediums from Mike's store at:
and Mike's official website for all of his artwork is here:

5th Cellarscape record underway - March 17, 2013

The first part of 2013 is going to be very busy in the Cellarscape camp, as work on the fifth record 'The Act Of Letting Go' is underway. The 12 brand new songs are being recorded at The Safehouse studios, with long-time collaborator James Bellamy at the helm. Updates on the new album as the year progresses, but we're not done with Cellarscape's current album 'A Theta/Delta Union' yet... expect an animated music video (for the song 'Snowglobe') from acclaimed US artist Mike Ciccotello in April...

'Emily' film score complete - February 20, 2013

Paul Terry and James Bellamy's original score and theme song work for new short film 'Emily' is complete. The drama, written and directed by Caroline Harvey, stars Felicity Jones and Christopher Eccleston. The film is currently being prepped for film festivals, and the soundtrack will be made available later this year. For more info on this wonderful little film, check out:

New Year, New Promo Photos - January 4, 2013

Happy New Year to you all! We're kickstarting 2013 with new stuff, which is always good. We've lots of news coming up this month about various releases planned for this year, but for now, go check out the new Cellarscape promo photo shoot that happened recently at the hand of photographer Niki Jones (yes, the very same resident bass player for Cellarscape too!). Here's an example of one of the shots (but you can see the full set on the 'Photos' tab on the nav-bar)...


DarkCompass show features Cellarscape - January 3, 2013

DarkCompass' latest podcast features an all new interactive/enhanced set-up, plus, Cellarscape's song 'Patience & Zara' is featured on the show. Here's how the new podcast displays on smart phones, and you can hear/download the show here:


Sound Sunday champion Cellarscape's Christmas EP - December 30, 2012

Many thanks to music journalist Tina Sieber and website for plugging the free Cellarscape 'Happy Holidays 2012' EP on their Sound Sunday feature entitled '10 Free MP3 Albums To Celebrate The End Of 2012':

FREE 4-track EP for all - December 12, 2012

Merry Holidays, one and all! To count down towards the festivities, we've put together a special Happy Holidays 2012 EP from Cellarscape, that will be free to download between now and midnight on December 31st 2012.

It features the songs:
1. 'This Is A Shelter' (taken from 'A Theta/Delta Union')
2. 'Patience & Zara' (taken from 'Animation, Suspension')
3. 'Transition Sickness' (taken from 'Fifth Phoenix')
4. 'Pulse' (taken from 'Copilot').

Grab yours over here:

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