SkyBabyRecords is music artist Paul Terry's independent label. It was created so he could write, record, and release his own music, both as a composer and a songwriter. 

2024 saw the debut album for his new instrumental, synth-led project Aptøsrs (mixed by Adam Noble.) 

But twenty-five years earlier, in 1999, composing his first film score (for a short called Sold), while performing live as a singer-songwriter, provided the spark for SkyBabyRecords. 

Sold's soundtrack intentionally sounded like different artists had contributed to it. Solo piano themes sat next to industrial rock, blues, and metal. It was a sketch of what Paul wanted to do: write and produce music for a wide range of soundtracks and projects, rather than focus on one band or genre. Since 1999—when Paul drew the label's UFO logo and made the idea real—SkyBabyRecords has surpassed fifty releases. 

Those eclectic records include: new instrumental project Aptøsrs; the score for the award-winning film Dave Stevens: Drawn to Perfection (about The Rocketeer creator/artist); thriller Hidden Valley Place (mixed by two-time Grammy winner Sam Okell); NBCUniversal's docu-series Behind The Panel; his singer-songwriter body of work under the alias Cellarscape; and the multi-award-winning documentary Sidney & Friends.

Paul's other musical collaborations include: a duet with world-renowned Dutch artist Anneke van Giersbergen (on the Cellarscape song 'The Same Place'); being the featured artist on 'Detonation Days', the song by Love Amongst Ruin (ex-Placebo drummer Steve Hewitt's band); Kenyan vocalist Silas Miami; South African artist Lana Crowster; British cellist Tom Wraith; Danish artist Martha Meganie (on her song 'Mistaken', produced by Grammy winner Flemming Rasmussen); and British actress Joanna Horton.

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