Side-project featuring members of: Hey You Guys!, Cellarscape, Bullet For My Valentine, The Dowling Poole, & Eureka Machines

Side-project THE IKO ALLIANCE was founded by producer DAVE DRAPER (Hey You Guys!) on guitars, and composer/songwriter PAUL TERRY (Cellarscape) on lead vocals.

Draper and Terry have collaborated on many albums over the past decade but, as THE IKO ALLIANCE, the 'REMAIN CALM' E.P. is their first co-written release. Draper brought in friends JASON BOWLD (Bullet For My Valentine) for the drums, JON POOLE (The Dowling Poole) on bass, and CHRIS CATALYST (Eureka Machines) for additional vocals.

The Iko Alliance – Discography:

Remain Calm (2020) 
1. Feral
2. The Great Retreat
3. Decoy
4. Risk Nothing

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