DINO-SIZED instrumental adventures

Aptøsrs (pronounced like the “Apatosaurus" dinosaur,  is Paul's new instrumental, synth-infused project.

Critically acclaimed debut album 'Elders' (out  now) is mixed by Adam Noble (Biffy Clyro, Nothing But Thieves, Don Broco), & mastered by Robin Schmidt (Pixies, Royal Blood, Wolf Alice).

Aptøsrs blends synthwave with cinematic orchestrations, lead bass guitar, piano, and drums that glitch between downtempo, breakbeat, and rock.

Full track listing:

1. Rust Mountain
2. With Each Step
3. A Peaceful Way To Defy Them All
4. Graveyard Syndrome
5. Nothing But Recall
6. Questionnaires
7. Narcolepticon
8. Encore, Vredefort

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